The holistic care for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake


The Holistic care for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake

The 9.0-magnitude earthquake brought about the material and immaterial damage, worst in Japan since World Wor II, having triggered the disasterous tsunami and left the nuclear power plant in a critical situation.


The grief and distress of each victim is unfathomably deep, and the situation has become a national crisis, calling upon finance for reconstruction. MOA International launched the Disaster Response Healdquarters (DSHQ) immediately, and the support team was dispatched to the affected areas as soon as the following 12th.


During the first relief efforts, the safety of MOA members were confirmed and supplies were delivered. The second relief efforts followed, visiting evacuation shelters and MOA facilities, working with the medical facilities and professionals in the areas, and focused on the physical and mental care of the victims. These efforts provided people with opportunities to regain health both physically and spiritually, wishing to invigorate their strength for a true reconstruction in the direction of building up their Healthy Cities.


With medical examination and the reception of the Okada Health & Wellness Program, smile, peace of mind, and optimism is spreading into the local residents.