Medical Support at the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Areas


Sending aid-teams into the devastated areas

On March 11, 2011, many irreplaceable lives were lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Many lost their families and houses, and are suffering from the trauma of the helplessneses and self-reproach they felt while watching people being swept away by the massive tsunami.


In response to the great earthquake, MOA Wellness Centers and affiliate clinics from all over Japan formed medical support teams, and immediately sent them to devastated towns and cities; Ishinomaki city and Onagawa town (Miyagi prefecture), Ofunato, Miyako, Kamaishi (Iwate prefecture) and Fukushima city (Fukushima prefecture).


Working together with the lcocal Healthy Life Netowrk members, the teams led by physicians carried out the Okada Health & Wellness Program along with medical care aiming to provide the healing of physical, mental and spiritual suffering for the victims.