A large-scale research project on the Purifying Therapy – your participation welcome!


The Research Project on the Okada Purifying Therapy continuing Nationwide


A large-scale research project has been undertaken by MOA Internatioanl and MOA Health Science Foundation, in order to clinically establish a scientific basis for the benefits of Okada Purifying Therapy, while in search of the way to ascertain the safety of its practice.


The study proposal aims to involve more than 20 countires and over 10,000 cases to sample, a scale more than adequate and possibly unprecedented in this kind of research. A nmber of studies previously conducted on OPT took various approaches such as bio-psychological, clinical, or of public health, conducting small-scale studies to find out the ways in which the workings and effects of the therapy could be measured.


The current project falls in line with these studies, with the research design buildt upon the previious findings and experiences. trained and conrdinated OPT practitioners take part in the project as co-operate researchers to conduct this large-scale study, and they observe and record the physical and perceptual changes over the treatments, and over the QOL of the participants.


About the Project

(1) Place of the Study

MOA Centers and cooperating Medical institutions

(2) Method of the Study

Record taking using the provided Record Book (picture right), at each treatment session, which must be arranged regularly

(3) Anonymous Participation

Participants are not required to disclose their names in the study.

(4) Duration of the participation

The record of the treatment is taken from the first session of the therapy. There is no maximum limit on the duration of participation. The Record Book is designed to keep notes of a three-month period. However, the participants can extend this period and continue with the therapy, while keeping the record for this extended period.

(5) Target Population

Any person over 15 years old, with any health problems that are in a stable condition, and willing to use the Purifying Therapy for improving, controlling, or coping with the illness.

(6) Exclusions

(a) those with severe symptomatic conditions that are not appropriately attended by medical expertise;
(b) those who have difficulties understanding the purpose of the study, or communicating with the cooperate researchers; and/or
(c) under-15s

(7) Costs

There is no expenses for taking part in this study.

(8) Protection of Personal Information/Data

The data collected in this study will be treated as aggregate, without disclosing any information that may reveal the identity of the participants. The researchers are also instructed on the treatment of the records.

(9) Adversity and Discrimination Code

Participation in this study does not procure monetary reward, or prioritise the participats over other people who may request OPT treatments. Refusing to take part, on the other hand, will not affect the right to receive the treatment.

(10) Discontinuation of participation

Participants can discontinue their participation at any time. Also, the data collected thereof may be destroyed at participants’ request.

For more information, please contact MOA Center in your local area.