(1) Objectives


Recently, we have seen changes in modern medicine due to the rapid progress in molecular biology, and science and engineering. However, it appears that even modern medicine has its limits. Because of this impasse, complementary, alternative and traditional medicines are becoming increasingly popular, and integrative medical care is attracting attention. On the basis of modern Western medicine, integrative medical care is tailored to the characteristics of each individual’ s constitution, and integrates the advantages of both Western medicine and various other therapies. We believe that medicine in the future will consist of not only integrative medical care, but will also develop into what is known as holistic medicine, which treats a person as a complete entity. Ultimately, we believe that the medicine based on human spirituality and the soul will emerge, leading to new cures for diseases. The institute will advance integrative medical care, moving with the trend toward integrative medical care centered on the Okada Wellness Program. This program is advocated by Mokichi Okada, founder of MOA, as, “Medicine to offer genuine cures for diseases, a method of prevention, and a method that offers longevity.” The method is based on essential human qualities with a view to creating “new medicine” and true health. However, it is undeniable that on the current integrative medical care, safety and effectiveness of different therapies lacks verification and that therapists have inadequate medical knowledge. Consequently, the risk that modern Western medicine will not be able to fill these deficiencies lurks in the shadows of the popularization of alternative medicine. We must commit ourselves to eliminating this risk by promoting integrative medical care. We will devote our activities to research and realization of integrative medical care to create “new medicine,” working closely with other doctors to promote integrative medicine, verifying therapies and training therapists while cooperating with them.

(2) Enterprises

  • Interaction and collaboration with doctors in promoting integrative medical care
  • Interaction, exchange of information, education and cooperation with local and overseas doctors, healthcare professionals, researchers, therapists and other organizations
  • Ensuring adequate guidance on eliminating the risks in complementary, alternative and traditional medicines
  • Comprehensive investigation and study of various therapies centered on medical science and the Okada Wellness Program
  • Promotion of the establishment of integrative medical care facilities
  • Establishment and study of a method of appraisal to verify the safety and effectiveness of various types of therapies
  • Nurture of students engaged in furthering their chosen fields
  • Holding lectures and public relations activities