Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Fundation

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(1) Objectives

The objective of this foundation is to compile knowledge about all forms of art, including fine art, ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), and the Japanese tea ceremony, and serve as a clearinghouse for information about them. The foundation collects and preserves important antique art and artefacts. Its objectives also include stimulating international relations, both by introducing Eastern Art to other countries, and by endorsing cultural exchange through all forms of art.

(2) Enterprises

  • Construction of art galleries, display of art objects and items of fine art, and planning and holding special exhibitions.
  • Sponsoring education about art in general and various specific forms of art, including flower arranging (ikebana) and the tea ceremony tradition.
  • Presentations of Japanese art, ikebana, tea ceremony and other cultural traditions to other nations and countries, as well as introducing cultural properties and treasures of various countries to the Japanese.