Food and Eating Program

Our modern world faces serious problems: environmental crises such as climate change and deforestation; human physical suffering, particularly the prevalence of chronic and lifestyle-related illnesses; the breakdown of the family and lawlessness in schools. These problems point to a human crisis of global proportions. In order to overcome it, now is the time to reconsider and change the way we live. MOA understands that one of the most fundamental ways to address this crisis is to tackle health problems.

The state of a person’s health affects his/her behaviour, which in turn has an impact on his/her social environment and natural surroundings. It follows, then, that an improvement in one’s health may lead to an improvement in the health of the social environment, and by extension of the natural world around us.

The concept of “integrative medicine ” has been given increasing attention in recent years. There is a desire for a new type of medicine-a total care system that puts the interests of patients and people who seek better health first, provides a healthcare plan customised to fit individual needs and circumstances, allows for the participation of both caregivers and those being cared for, and draws on multiple medical traditions and therapies-Western allopathic medicine and Eastern medicine and other therapeutic practices alike.
Many of us are still seeking answers to essential questions about the way we lead our domestic and social lives. We care deeply about fulfilling the purpose of our lives and therefore we question the principles we live by.

Food and Eating Program

Our contribution to the emerging field of integrative medicine, The Okada Health and Wellness Program, is the main component of the Health Promotion Seminars offered by MOA International Corporation. These seminars take place at MOA centers and public facilities nationwide, helping people find answers to their questions and improve the state of their health.

A variety of people come to our seminars – people with health problems, those who seek to improve their wellbeing, those who are looking for some practical ways to make others happy, and so on. These people, who hope for better health and are inspired by the prospect of leading a life of high quality, find enjoyment, meaning, and excitement in being together with others of like mind.

[What Do the Seminars Offer?]
Food and Eating Program

The seminars are designed to be enjoyable as well as to teach useful health practices that participants can take home with them. Programs are based on the principles and practices of MOA’s Health and Wellness Program.

Component seminars include Okada Purifying Therapy; Art Therapy (e.g. flower arranging, tea ceremony etc.); dietary counselling on natural food and so on. The contents of a particular session may vary. For detailed information on local seminars, please contact your nearest MOA center.

Food and Eating Program

At the seminars, you will be welcomed by a variety of assisting personnel and advisers, qualified MOA Health and Wellness therapists, as well as external health experts who collaborate with MOA.

[How to Apply]

For detailed information about schedules, timetables, detailed programs, and fees,* please contact your nearest MOA center.
*In many cases, fees cover only the costs of materials while our operations are supported by donations.

Each session has a limited number of spaces which are booked on a first-come-first- served basis. Late applications may be transferred to another session at a later time if the session is full.

We look forward to seeing you at a seminar!