MOA – Working Toward Creating a New Civilization

In this modern world in which we live, we receive up-to-the-minute news from all over the world without interruption or delay. The media reports daily on the seemingly endless battles and conflicts taking place in various corners of the globe.

Science and technology continue to advance, and industries continue to thrive, making our lives easier and easier. Despite all this, the tragedy of human strife shows no sign of disappearing.

It is now well known that behind such conflicts are differences of values and opinions between ethnicities, nations, and/or religions. Such large-scale antagonism has been described as a “clash of civilizations.”

One might wonder whether it is possible to have some kind of shared value system, a new civilization that operates on a global level, inclusive of all humanity rather than exclusive to a specific group, thus eliminating the need for confrontations.

A variety of problems in our current civilization clearly indicate that, in pursuit of material prosperity, we have harmed many life forms on earth and have not necessarily brought peace and happiness to humanity in the process.

As a result of a lack of respect for spiritual values, nation-states and societies are loosing order and integrity, and our way of life as human beings is reaching a point of breakdown. We live in societies where people aspire to gain material wealth such as consumer goods and money, and where extreme individualism is rampant. People are intoxicated by their never-ending wants, and their adherence to social rules and standards is deteriorating. The implications of this development are now showing up in the form of ailing natural environments, societies and families.

Isn’t it time we redirected our focus to include the spiritual dimension as well as the material and reawakened our innate sensitivity to the beauty of life? It is to be hoped that we can develop a civilization that allows us to regain those pure and refined sensitivities that help us to live rich and fulfilling lives, rediscover the meaning of life, recognize how blissful it is to be alive, and find new ways of living based on the true meaning of humanity.

In our vision, this new civilization would be one in which the value of a “beautiful” way of life is highly regarded, “beautiful” cultures and customs can be sustained, and beauty permeates every aspect of human life. Okada’s use of the word “beauty” reflects the broad meaning of the Japanese term “bi” or “utsukushii” which describes a physical, moral or psychological phenomenon that inspires admiration and aesthetic appreciation. This is the model for the civilization that we at MOA seek to implement. We believe that such a civilization can be shared by all of humanity regardless of differences in nationality, race, or belief system.

MOA International Corporation

Mokichi Okada, June, 1952

MOA International’s ethos is based on the philosophy and work of Mokichi Okada (1882-1955), who publicly announced his vision for creating a new civilization in January, 1935. His idea for this new civilization was that it must bring permanent peace and happiness to all human beings all across the world without restricted to certain region or ethnic group.

Okada described this civilization in various terms: a harmonious unity of Eastern and Western cultures; a unified agreement between religion and science; and a civilization in which seemingly opposing elements such as old customs and new values find a meeting point and are infused with life.

He also explained how his vision would function at the level of individuals and families – the smallest units that comprise the human community. In this new civilization, individuals are free from illness, poverty, and discord. They embody beautiful qualities such as elegance, purity and compassion. This manifests in their thought, speech and conduct. If a family is comprised of such individuals, it is a beautiful family. In turn, if the world is full of such families, it is a wonderful world. In other words, Okada’s vision for a new civilization imagines a world full of such individuals and families – “families filled with beauty.” Okada refers to it as “the world of beauty.”

Okada, aiming to build this new civilization, identified medicine, agriculture, and art as three areas of major significance in human life. He developed his own philosophical theories and established concrete methods to put them into practice, including his unique technique to promote health and well-being. He established the organizations and associations necessary for further research and implementation of his projects, and devoted his life entirely to them.

In hope of perpetuating Okada’s vision for the new civilization, MOA was inaugurated in 1980 in Washington D.C. It was named the Mokichi Okada Cultural Services Association in honor of Mr. Okada. MOA’s aim was to undertake cultural enterprises based on Okada’s philosophy, concepts, and plans, which are open to everyone regardless of differences in religion, nationality, and/or ethnicity.

Since its launch in 1980, MOA has been carrying out a wide range of activities and events in Japan and many other countries.

As a means of achieving a “world of beauty” made up of “families filled with beauty,” MOA currently oversees three major enterprises: Okada Purifying Therapy; MOA Nature Farming/Natural Food Movement; and the Arts and Culture Operations. We also help to establish and support organizations to facilitate cooperative relationships in the greater society with others who work towards the same goals.

In particular, a recently-established Intermediary Corporation with Limited Liability, MOA International, has launched the Okada Health and Wellness Program. This program is informed by clinical research on Okada Purifying Therapy. It is structured to enable people to incorporate the practices of the three major enterprises in their everyday life, helping them to prevent illness and promote wellness.