MOA and the Environment

Although MOA International primarily focuses on health issues, environmental issues are also a concern. As is noted on the page "MOA Health Promotion Seminar " , we understand that individual health ultimately has an impact on the health of social and natural environments. Therefore, part of MOA' s main activities are focused on environmental issues.

1. Principles

(1) The Way to Genuine Health

(2) The Environment Affects Our Health Directly

(3) Family as a starting point

2. Our Concern is the Life of the Planet

Health and Protection of Nature and Living Beings

Maintaining "the Chain of Life" is Indispensable for Realizing "Ultimate Health"

3. The Relationship Between Nature and Human Beings in
MOA' s Ethos (Excerpts From Okada' s Essays)

As human beings, our lives depend on Nature. It is important to recognize this fact, and gratefully and respectfully learn how to live by observing Nature' s ways. By following what we learn from observation, we move towards a healthier and richer life. This is an important basis for building a meaningful ("beautiful") family and harmonious ("beautiful") society.

(1) Human Beings Owe Life to Nature

(2) A Way of Life in Conformity with Nature

(3) Gratitude for the Benefits of Nature

(4) Our Thoughts, Speech and Behaviour Influence the Natural Environment.

4. The World-Wide Effort to Protect the Environment

At the Global Level

At the National and Corporate Level

Lobbying/Advocate/Interest Groups

World Religions

5. What Can We Do and Where Do We Start?

It is important to start by knowing what the issues or problems are. We first must learn how we benefit from Nature. Then we and our families must start to act in whatever way we can. We must always keep gratitude and respect for Nature in mind.
Why not have a "Minister of Environment" in your family, someone in charge of putting the following 12 points into practice at home?

6. Twelve Points of Practice

Enjoy association with Nature and create an attractive environment

1. Find time to enjoy benefits and beauty of Nature
2. Maintain order in your living environment

Maintain a spirit of conservation and respect for Nature
(Reduce energy consumption and waste production)

3. Buy what you need in the amount you need
4. Select items that are durable/long-lasting
5. Reduce waste in wrapping and packaging
6. Recycle
7. Save on air-conditioning
8. Lower "stand-by" electricity use by 90%
9. Decrease energy consumption by 20% while creating time for family get-togethers

Relish the changing seasons, cherish the "safe and reassured" life

10. Consume products that are produced locally (chisanchisho)
11. Know what is safe
12. The value of seasonality

The Life of the Earth and Our Health are ONE.

A "Beautiful" Environment Starts With My Surroundings!