A Photo Gallery from Ohito Zuisenkyo Flower Festival

Scenes from the Flower Festival

  • At Ohito Zuisenkyo was held a month-long Flower Festival, celebrating the spring beauty of flowers and blossoms in full bloom. Between 5 April and 6 May, 2008, totaling 17,000 people visited Ohito Zuisenkyo and enjoyed its ambience created by the seasonal natural environment. It provided visitors with opportunities for leisurely walks in the wafting floral scents, picnics with lunch in the sun, and other activities suitable for all people and families.

  • Special events were organized on 26 and 27 April, when a varieties of shows and entertainments, including Amagi Taiko performances and children's choir SMILE concerts, welcomed all the visitors on the site. Along with the main event marquee, booths were set up promoting Nature Farming and providing useful information in connection with health-promotion and wellbeing, and many stalls offered fresh and well-groomed, 'organically' grown, agricultural produce, for purchase.

  • The photos below will give you the glimpse of these special-event days.
  • Photos with * along its caption can be clickable to view enlarged pictures.

-the Hands-On Learning Zone for Food and Farming-

Magic Show on stage

Amagi Taiko performance

Celebrity lookalike lunch-time show

Children's choir "SMILE"

Terry's band & vocal

Audiences enjoying the shows

Vegetable stalls

Panel displays on MOA Nature Farming

Young vegetable plants for sale

Cooking workshop - making "soba" noodle

Small plants for sale

Demonstration and discussion on kitchen garden

Cafe entrance

Let's make your own eco-bag

Woodcraft workshop - pendant heads

One bite on Ohito-brand beef sandwich KINCHAN DOG

Society for MCS* patients information booth (*Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)

Japanese Peony Garden

Moss Phlox Park *

Moss Phlox known as 'Moss Pink' *

Another shot of Moss Pink *

Rhododendron Hill *
-The Health Promotion Zone-

Health-check demonstration and counselling

A panorama view from the hilly viewpoint BANSHO-DAI