A Photo Report: The Zuisenkyo Festival of Health and Harvest 2007

Celebrating Health and Harvests

  • The Zuisenkyo Festival of Health and Harvest 2007 took place at Ohito Zuisenkyo on 3 and 4 November, 2007.
  • Under the blissful sky, over 6,000 visitors turned up and enjoyed themselves in the autumnal rich air and golden-coloured natural surroundings.

  • Two major venues were set up, one in the Ohito Farm, as the Hands-On Learning Zone for Food and Farming with its emphases on the promotion of Education on Good Eating Habits and the Chisan-Chisho Movement.

  • The Oku-Atami Ryoin presented another venue with the theme of health promotion, providing the visitors with quick health check-ups and guidance, and booths introducing MOA's Health and Wellness programs.

  • Here are some photos capturing the ambience and the variety of activities from these two days. Enjoy!

-the Hands-On Learning Zone for Food and Farming-

The main gate to the Festival

To the Hands-On Learning Zone

Stalls of agricultural products, from far and near in the country

Fresh vegetables purchased on-site

Let's harvest! - in the moolis field

Digging in search for plump sweet potatoes

Picking salad onions

Panel exhibitions - introducing accomplished farmers and their work in MOA Nature Farming throughout the country

The City Council and Izunokuni Tourist Association had their own information booth.

Panel exhibitions by a charity group for MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Awareness

Charcoal-making using recycled tin drums

Unique cycles

"The Animal Garden"

"Give rabbits a cuddle..."

Traditional mochi-making

Cookery lessons: making Soba-noodles

Cookery lessons for Mums and Kids (and Dads, too!): sweet potato cakes

Food stalls: all ingredients are MOA Natural Food and harvests from Ohito Farm.

The Main Event area

Entertainment programs: Japanese traditional drums performed by pupils of a local high school

Magic shows

The "Sha-giri": a ritual band with drums, flutes, and bells
-The Health Promotion Zone-

The Oku-Atami Ryoin (the entrance)

quick health check-up and guidance

examining the shoulders - measuring the stiffness

Zuisen Foot Spa