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Treatment of OPT Life-sciences such as DNA engineering and molecular biology have seen a remarkable advancement in recent years, gradually revealing the mystery of life. Their findings strongly suggest Nature's great capability and intelligence, which has been inspiring awe in many frontline researchers and experts.

Okada Purifying Therapy, which utilizes the powerful healing mechanism inherent in Nature, was initially formulated by Mokichi Okada. It helps develop mental and physical health by stimulating the invigorating natural self-healing ability innate in human beings, prompting a daily purification process in the body and mind. It aims to relieve the recipients of all forms of suffering.

OPT has been a major component of Okada's endeavours since 1935. His innovation was to develop a new kind of medicine, based on a true understanding of human nature (spirituality) that not only deals with illness, but also changes individuals' lives from within.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the United States of America budgets over $120 million yearly for research on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Among the many types of CAM is Energy Medicine. MOA's Purifying Therapy falls into this category. Various research projects have been funded to scientifically verify the efficacy of Energy Medicine and the mechanism behind it.