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The Kenko Seikatsu Network-A Local Health Partnership

Members of MOA and related organizations are grouped locally to support the implementation of the Okada Health and Wellness Program in collaboration with MOA Wellness Centers and affiliated physicians in order to aid people in achieving better health within their local communities. These groups form the Healthy Life Networks, which enable local facilitation of mutual care and liaison with Wellness Centers.

MOA members who are certified as OPT therapists, Art and Culture Instructors, and/or Natural Food Advocates provide assistance in implementing the Health and Wellness Program and considering how best to support particular individuals within the community.

In Japan today, the value of "local community" in areas such as education, healthcare, and prevention of crime and disasters has been rediscovered, raising awareness of the need to re-establish a spirit of community in cities and towns. Authorities and experts have commented that MOA' s local health partnerships not only function as healthcare resources for local communities, but also have the potential to serve as a means of promoting good community relations through members' activities such as caring for neighbourhood elderly who are otherwise likely to be socially isolated, educating younger generations in good eating habits and the arts, etc.), and promoting traditional values such as chisan-chisho that help protect the environment.